Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Doldrums

The problem with having start-itis is that, at some point, I have to work on all the things I start. This is not the fun part for me. I seem to be in a place this week where I look all around and see only half-finished (sometimes half-started) projects. The garden is on autopilot. Helping at the yoga studio is settling into a routine. It is too hot to knit, and anyway I am surrounded by socks, sweaters and shawls in progress. My Netflix pile is boring. The loom is waiting for some spinning to get done and the spinning is waiting for a part to return from being missing. We have planned the soap show season and now the soap needs to be made.

Now, in the abstract, I like doing all these things. I am good at them. They make me happy. But when I look at my "to do" list and see what needs my attention - what I have gotten myself into - I heave a heavy sigh and look for time in my day to go play WOW. Part of it is brain chemistry and I have been feeling overwhelmed, irritable and frustrated this past couple of weeks. I think the trick is to tell myself that I get to do all these things instead of I have to do all these things.

In other news (and there are pictures to prove it) I had a great time last weekend. There was a good amount of planning things and then saying "I don't wanna" and making myself do them anyway. And the surprise? I had a great time at all of them and am richer for the experiences. Friday we had a kirtan here at the yoga studio with Dave Stringer. *swooon* He and the band were nice and the music was fantastic. Many cds came home with me since I can't afford to go to the next concert - in Bali. Saturday we had a soap show at the Old Riverside Foundation Restoration Fair. People with restored historic houses put them on a tour and then at the headquarters there is a vendor fair and the final house tour. It was a little quieter than last year, but we managed to have a good time. We had the world premier of our new soaps with the Riverside Raincross on them and everyone thought they were quite handsome. You should buy some. Saturday evening with hosted a second kirtan, this one with Keshavacharya Das. I was wiped out from sitting in the hot soap booth all day, but I wanted to support the artist and went. While the crowd was smaller, the company and the music were second to none. We are so fortunate to have these performers come from all over the country to join us at Inland Yoga. (*thud* off soapbox) Sunday all I wanted was to stay home, but it was off to the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale for the day. I did not get all dressed up, but did remember to apply sunscreen. I had a great time. I bought a floppy straw hat (yay shade!), perused all the booths, said hi to the gang at St. Cuthbert's, had a gyro and a guiness, saw an acquaintance from tatting/ bobbin lace events, and saw part of a couple shows. There was some "I ran out of tip money" guilt and therefore did not watch the all the shows. It was sunny, dusty, hot, dusty, bright, dusty, loud and dusty - all the things that make up faire. I like the new site well enough - there is a little lake that is nice to look at, lots of trees for shade and the occasional water fountain for water bottle refilling. The bath water was pretty black when I freshened up that evening! I filled out the day with a little WOW and all in all it was a pretty perfect weekend.


Acorn to Oak said...

I can relate to that first part about all the great stuff to do but feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. I visit that place from time to time. Sounds like you've been up to lots of fun times though.

I haven't been to the faire in years. Sounds like so much fun but it's gotten so expensive. I could definitely pass on the dust though. lol

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auntie pita said...

It was grand seeing you out at faire!!!