Thursday, May 01, 2008

On The Road

Here I am, at 1:25 am, installed in the hotel room near LAX and I am wide awake. Martena leaves for India in the morning (yay!sob!) and we went over some work and then I will take the car to pick up some LA Yoga magazines and return the car to the house. I had a coffee before we left and a soda on the road (so bad) and have not been this awake in recent memory. Maybe the guy at the mini mart slipped some meth into it. Wait, I made the coffee at home. Dang.

Today was a wicked busy day - by the end my brain felt totally full. When I realized I totally forgot to go to a meeting I knew it was overflowing and important things were leaking out. I had some fun today, though. I went for my first manicure (extra basic) and pedicure this morning. My toes are now Idaho red. It was scary at first and then really fun as soon as I put my feetsies in the massaging footbath. I will have to add it to my list of "special things to do once in a while", along with going to the movies and getting a haircut. I swang (?) by Tar-jhay and found a cute sweatshirt/hoodie with crows on it that I just had to have. Luckily it was drizzly and cool most of the day, so I had an excuse to get it. How can it be 100 degrees yesterday and raining today? Maybe the weather goddess needs some of my mood stabilizers.

As I type the Blizzard patch is downloading so that I will be able to play WOW again someday. The taskbar says I have 4 hours to go. This is better than the 12 hours it said it would take at the library. Here at the Holiday Inn I can just leave it on all night. I do miss playing WOW and if I am going to pay for the subscription I should play the game. I wish (OK not really) that I could spin, weave, knit, play WOW, watch netflix and read all at the same time. And check email. This might be an ambitious goal.

The kitty cat has a date with the vet on Friday. She has been losing weight (but not condition or energy or affection) the last several months and I am starting to worry. I am feeding her wet food on the sly - although the other cats are starting to catch on. I hope she just has something simple like a hurt tooth. Simple = cheap.

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