Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pants on Fire

What a Lambtown! I was negligent in the photo department (some did get taken, but now my power cord is missing), but I was happy to be busy helping people choose fiber and soap. There is a little fiber left (even some in the new colorways) for a photo shoot tonight. There is "Blueberry Squishy", "Yule", "Lilac" and "Princess" in roving and several new colors in yarn.

I had a lovely drive north to Dixon. The first sheep sighting was at 9:05 this year (they were silhouetted against the sunset) as I got a very last start leaving town. The moon was spectacular - bright orange. It even make an orange halo. Wow. The day of the show (Saturday) I was pleased to see many returning vendors and friends, and at least one friend who was a vendor for the first time. She brought the most adorable Texel guinea pig for socializing. I never touched the knitting, but I did get about 20 minutes of spinning in around 6pm. I knew I brought the wheel for a reason!

I made a little detour on Sunday to visit a friend and we had a nice relaxing day. There were stories to tell, dogs to pat, yummy dinner to eat, the dancing chickens to goggle at, and just a smidge of "Law and Order". It's nice when things are... nice.

I tried a new way home (via Hwy 198 thru Priest Valley) and it was gorgeous. Far too dangerous to sightsee, much less take pictures, but I recommend it to everyone. Golden fields, spots of green oak trees, blue sky, black cows and a ribbon of highway. Ahhhhh.

It was good to get away, but it is good to be home too.

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