Friday, July 25, 2008

Spin Span Spun

I take it back. The "Yule" colorway has been embezzled. 4 oz of 50/50 Merino & Bombyx silk is mine, all mine, and spinning up like a dream. It is bright blue, white, gray and bluegray and looks like the arctic. Or the moon on snow (sorry southern Californians). It is spinning up very fine and very easily. I thought long and hard about how to ply it... 2 ply? 3 ply (3 bobbins)? Line up the colors or not? I decided that mixing up the colors might tone it down too much and am going to Navajo (chain) ply it to keep the colors bright and distinct. The Merino / Tencel roving was the best seller at Lambtown (thanks everyone!) but the people who passed over the Merino / Silk really missed out on something special. There will always be next time.

I love spinning. I love petting the wool. I love dyeing the wool. I do not love rinsing the wool. I love watching it drying and packing it up. I love fluffing it up and deciding how to spin it. Wide sections of color? Small strips that create small bits of color? Plying with another yarn? Spinning it bulky, sport, sock or laceweight? Then there is the satisfaction of feeling the yarn take shape right under my fingertips. It is a magic spot where it changes from loose fiber to smooth, strong yarn. I love watching the streaks of color line up on my bobbin, love moving the thread guide to keep the yarn evenly layered. How can people not spin? How can they think it is "too hard" or they will have time after they retire? Does no one sit for 5, 10, 15 minutes at a time anymore?

We (Mandy and I) are working diligently on finalizing our Lace Knitting Retreat in the fall, but after this rant, I am motivated to have a beginning spinning intensive in the spring. Or the winter. Can you imagine being holed up in the mountains, surrounded by snow and pines, while we are snug inside with cocoa and a riot of spring and summer colors? The smells and textures of happy sheep and happy wool grown over the spring and summer, bringing light and energy into our cold winter days?

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Acorn to Oak said...

It all sounds wonderful! :-)