Sunday, July 13, 2008

OMG I Got Out of the House

It is a beautiful day here today. I went to yoga this morning - Ashtanga - which leaves me happy, but sore and exhausted. I went to the grocery store and then made breakfast... mmmm. I haven't been cooking much lately (just throwing things together, mostly) and it felt good just to scramble up some eggs and toast some toast. Now I am at the coffee shop and listening to Jim Croce. I feel like I am 6 again.
Yesterday the angora rabbit got groomed and today it was the dog's turn (above). She did not shed out her entire winter coat and it started to mat when I wasn't looking. She was not excited about being perched on the washing machine, but I managed to get her somewhat brushed out.
Yesterday was also our monthy Riverspinners meeting / annual pool party, and it was a smashing success. There were new people and returning people, and I think everyone had a great time. There was knitting, spinning, crocheting and bobbin lace and Cheryl had a finished quilting project that was just lovely. There was quite a lot of splashing in the pool, and Julia showed me some synchronized swimming tips. I am constantly amazed at all the fun hobbies out there that I have no idea about.
In the evening I went out the coffee shop and saw a bluegrass concert - This Just In was the opening act and they were pretty darn good in a traditional way. Then the headline band came on - Cliff Wagner & the Old No. 7. They were amazing. Spectacular. Out of this world. I was so enthralled that I had to - get this - put down my knitting. It was fantastic. Go see them if you can.
To finish up, here is that picture of me in my Very Fine Hat* at the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale this past spring. I got to hold the owl. I was very, very still and very, very excited. Sorry about the glare on my glasses. I never remember to tip my head.

*Firefly pilot episode "Serenity". Apologies to Joss and Tim.


Acorn to Oak said...

It was great to see you and the gang yesterday! We had a lot of fun!

Your doggy is pretty! And, great pic of you with the hat. Holding the owl must have been pretty cool!

Sounds like the concert last night was a lot of fun. I checked out the links you have to their music. I need to get out and do that kinda stuff more often again. :-)

Aunt Anne (PHX) said...

You do such cool stuff in your life!
Cute dog. What kind is it?
Nice photo -- see, you do get to do such cool I jealous or what?!??
A. Anne