Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last Day as a Whippersnapper

Only a few hours left until the big day... I am excited. Got the ok to leave work early tomorrow if it is slow - then found out we have double the usual number of signings. Sigh. Oh dear - I just remembered tomorrow is a potluck at work. Guess I will grab a 2L of diet coke on the way in to work.

CeCe day 3 - ripped out previous work and cast on 185 onto smaller needles. That is as far as I got, but it is still progress.


Tinker said...

"Happy Birthday Lisa" I'll be keeping up with Ce Ce
See you at Movie Night!
Pat V

Pickyknitter said...

Thank you Pat! See you Friday! I have been getting home around 8pm but maybe traffic will be light (eyeroll)