Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Ties That Bind

On Friday my knitting friends celebrated my birthday. Cards, flowers, and a raisin-free carrot cake with my name on it! That is some spectacular attention to detail. We also watched a movie, ate salad and pizza and did a little knitting.

This afternoon I got the entire cockatiel family out of the cage and onto the playstand for pictures. Hamlet is on the left, the baby is in the middle, and Violet is on the far right. She and the baby are amazingly similar - except one is a normal and one is a whiteface. Baby can fly and land now with a little bit of grace. I think they are going a little stir-crazy in their little cage; when my car insurance refund / deductible comes in I will be cage shopping for them. I am also thinking of switching Kiwi and Beaker, as Kiwi can get her head out of the cage and is rubbing off all the feathers on her shoulders.

Knitting on Cece proceeds apace.... I was really out of the habit of knitting lace. I took the new sweater to the knit shop yesterday to get it sewn together but never took it out of the bag. sigh.

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