Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barrel, Bottom of

It has been a tense week here. I don't know where it went, exactly, but last month's paycheck is long departed and it is STILL a week until payday. I raided every nook and cranny and found 4 $2 bills, one $1 bill, 8 quarters and a dollar coin. The only thing I refuse to give up is that $5 silver certificate. Emptied the savings, emptied the bank, emptied the sugar bowl. Offered to rent out a guinea pig for a week. No takers.

But the bills are paid (excepting food and gasoline), the house is snug, the cats are fed, the car is paid off and insured, and the lights are on. I am pretty sure I won't die. I can always eat yarn... it is a natural fiber, right? There is a man who adores me and a job to go to. There are even knitting projects to work on.

Fire on the freeway meant getting home was a slow trip and it is already very late. Time to put in some laundry, make some lunch for tomorrow, update the blog and take a shower. It is still not a bad life. I am stoked about making a budget this weekend, refilling the savings account after Tuesday, getting the car fixed and starting to put a little bit away for my summer vacation.

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