Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the Season

Oh blog, I have missed you. I just never seem to want to post without pictures, and can't seem to get the camera and the cord and the computer together in the same place! There has been a small amount of knitting, a small amount of soap-showing, a small amount of gardening, a large amount of parrot snuggling, and lots of time at work over the last month. I seem to have traded in my knitting habit for an eating habit; not a good long-term plan, Martha says. Sage advice.

Things to consider for December? 1. Balance the crushing social pressure to shop, shop, shop with the fact that Yule doesn't even require shopping. 2. Get the darn car fixed. 3. I need a new set of fingerless mitts and a new knitted cap. 4. Find a new knitting store / knitting circle. I have been missing the gang at Knit N Stitch more and more each day. 5. Blog more!

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