Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Bird's Life

On the way home from work tonight I made a detour to pick up one of the baby cockatiels (born this summer), as she was not working out in her new home. I never work out either, so we are meant to be together, I am sure. It is nice to have her back home. The family who had her also took in her brother and he is a much better fit. She is temporarily installed with Mustardseed (her older sister) and Billy Birdy (the 20 year old cockatiel I took in this fall) while I spruce up the spare cage. Billy seems to like all the girly bird company as I saw him doing unspeakably sensual things to his food dish this evening. Uh oh.

They are all chilling out in the bedroom, Beaker is stuffing himself with pistachios here with me (I keep a nutcracker right by the computer now), and the other birdies are enjoying a late night dinner too.

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