Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Marching On...

Today I finished the purple wristwarmers and gave them to my coworker. Tomorrow I will get a picture of them "in action" for the blog. I started a new pair and am totally in love with the yarn... it will be hard to give this set away. I love the new yarn from the Loopy Ewe that came last week, but have not started knitting it up yet. Partly I need to get these wristwarmers done and partly I want to really savor it. And mabye I haven't sat down with the instructions for the new toe-up method yet.

Read a few pages in _Anna Karenina_ at lunch today, but am not really feeling it. I have a half dozen books open to about page 20, but none are really keeping my attention.

The baby cockatiels are huge; well, one is huge and one is normal sized. I still have my fingers crossed she will be a cinnamon. I finally got the legband on her tonght - for good I hope! A squirmy baby cockatiel is a delicate thing. They are preening their pinfeathers, standing, stretching, blinking and screaming like banshees when it is dinner time. The yearling cockatiels (hoggetts if they were sheep) disavow any knowledge that they were once small pink & yellow balls of fluff with attitude. They think of themselves as big birds!

The parakeets are acting silly and lovey dovey, alternating with squabbling and bickering. By and large they enjoy each other's company.

The kitties are still vying for my attention.. one was sleeping under my chair earlier and another was trying to fit on my lap.

I walked the dog yesterday but couldn't summon the energy tonight. I miss my ankles and really need to start walking more.

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