Thursday, March 03, 2011


I am really tired of running out of money 10 days before the end of the month! I am sick of oatmeal, of spaghetti, p b & j sandwiches and more oatmeal. Economizing is one thing, but this is ridiculous!

On the other hand, the lights are on, the car runs, the house is snug and dry, the pets are fed and the bathwater runs hot. And I have all the stash yarn a woman could want.

The baby birdies came out for some playtime tonight - the little one looks far smaller than she should, for only being 2 days younger. They are getting feathers, the eyes are open and they are starting to be sassy. They can walk and squawk and stand up and flap their little naked wings. They are both very sweet and handleable.

Work has been alternately dead and busy... there are more changes coming down the pike but as long as I have a cubicle of my own i will be happy.

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