Sunday, April 03, 2011

Little Steps

Today has been a day for this-and-that. A little coffee, a little gardening, a little weaving, a little web surfing, a little cleaning, a little TV, a little laundry, a little reading... you get the idea. Saw the snuggliest house for sale down the street from me. 3 bdr / 1 ba, built in 1925, 1K sq feet on a corner lot. There is even a walled in porch / mudroom / birdroom / catio! I am obsessed and yet it is pretty much a hopeless dream. The baby cockatiels are just about weaned and Valentine(a)(0) is just about ready for his new home. I have hit maximum cockatiel density. The ringneck is on my shoulder supervising this post and one of the budgies is still on walkabout after cage cleaning day. Hopefully she will just fly back in later... catching her is a real bear. I am still reading. I finished _The Moonstone_ and it was pretty satisfying by the end. Right now I am reading a very odd book called _Bone Rattler_ that is set in the Colonies about 10 years after Culloden. Martha recommended a book called _For The Win_ which is about video games - that is next on the list.

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