Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Today was an amazingly beautiful day. The weather was temperate, the wind was breezy and the air was clear. I didn't focus too much on fiber projects, but rather gave some time to other items. I took a stab at tidying up the garden by cutting back the dried out coreposis tinctora, the rosebushes and the oregano, cutting down the weeds and pulling up some wayward grasses. It looks somewhat less wild and wooly now.

I made a batch of bread and started some laundry, so I can say I did some chores.

Anne and I met for a yummy thai lunch and then spent the afternoon knitting in the park. We worked on washcloths for a while and I managed to weave in a few yarn ends on the Iron Horse shawlette after my arm started hurting from too much knitting. There were several species of birds to watch and even some groundsquirrels playing chase. I am sure we saw sparrows, starlings, black phoebes and even a robin.

Eventually it was time to come home and I am getting excited about starting my second Camp Loopy project. I am going to make some mittens with owls in the pattern in some stashed cashmere yarn. They will be a hoot! I even scared up some beads for the eyes in my lacemaking stash. Cast on starts at midnight, although I may wait until the morning. Tomorrow I go back to work so I should impose a respectable bedtime.

Good friends, good food, good weather, good knitting ... a good day.

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