Monday, January 04, 2016

Monday Musings

It's official - I need to rip back the crochet hat and rework with a smaller hook.  I'm also going to leave off the ribbon row and the ruffle.  It was just bad all around.   Smaller hook has been obtained. Just need some wine now.

Progress is good on the new socks.  The yarn is just superb, it's a yellow / orange / pink / purple colorway called "Summer Dusk".  Stockinette in the round is seriously better than therapy.  It makes everything better: laundry, TV time, vet waiting room, break time, telephone call time.

Took Galen to the vet for a blood draw to check how the thyroid meds are working.  His fur is fluffier but is acting a little strangely and is becoming fussy about his food.  That reminds me to go get the chicken I cooked up and hide his pills in it.

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