Sunday, January 03, 2016

Starting Again

Happy "buy a new calendar" month, everyone.   That reminds me...

Ravenclaw won the House Cup & the Quidditch Cup at last last term.  I knit hard and scored well. I even completed an OWL and a Mission for the Order of the Phoenix and scored a sweet new badge.  I didn't even know it was a thing that is hard to do!

I didn't get too much done over the December break month; finally seamed the last of the blocks & added a few finalizing rows to the Steampunk blanket.  I'm thinking of buying one more skein to use as a large border to make it a little bigger.  

My head was cold this weekend so I broke out a skein of pretty yarn from this summer, an old issue of Spin-Off and crocheted up a little hat.  I love the hat, I like the pattern... not sure about the finished project.  It is more muffin cap than cloche.   I made a cord as a drawstring with my handy dandy lucet so it fits better but it is still puffy.  I may give it another try or I may rip it halfway back and rework with a smaller crochet hook.

I still have a stack of items that need finishing work but I also need to sit down and think of some projects to complete this term. I've already warmed up the spinning wheel and am working through some half started bobbins.  Need to ply some mystery gray (chain ply, I think, I can already use another hat) and I am spinning through some mystery blue / gold / green (merino / silk?).  This one is interesting - there are two lots of about equal size but one is richly colored and one is more pastel.  My choices are ply the two against each other or ply them separately (2 ply? chain ply) and decide if I want to use them in the same project. It might look nice as stripes.   Idea: ZickZack scarf.

I didn't set any resolutions except that I kind of did:  read 16 books for the Goodreads challenge (G16) and also participate in the January Cure again.   So far I have swept one room and every time I sit down to read I just fall asleep.  Will have to work on these.

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