Sunday, January 24, 2016

Super Sock Sunday

Green Snape Socks - added several rows more after the photo session.  Am on to the second set of charts and the increases for the gusset.  We are making a Fleegle heel - I know what a heel is, I know who Fleegle is, this should go well.  This one is perfect "Midsomer Murders" knitting because it needs a chart.
 White / Blue / Gray plain socks.  These are for the HMC #2 and are coming along nicely.  This one is my mindless knitting for the week.  Just around, around, around.
Green / Gold Pelle fair isle mittens.  You can see the beginnigs of little cats on the left hand mitten (4 feet and a ball of yarn).  The palms are also patterned.   This is also a good "knit in place" project, again due to the chart.  I really need to catch up the second one so I can do the same rows in the chart concurrently.  They have different charts but I think it will prevent 2nd mitten syndrome.  

Janet & Ruth are also making "kitten mittens" and today we had a nice "cast on" party.  I was already through the first cuff and jumped right into the patterning.  A good thing too, as that is where I needed to talk through some questions on the pattern.  It isn't poorly written by any means but it has a lot less hand-holding than most current / modern patterns.

In other news, Tuppy the cat has been super affectionate tonight. I wonder what he was up to while I was gone today.

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