Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ta Da! The mermaids are all done. Cuffs bound off, ends worked in. The top sock (the first one I knitted) is much more gold and the bottom sock is more blue. I love them both to pieces.

Now that they are done, I can move on to ....

Pumpkin socks! This is the pumpkin pie yarn from RubySapphire (Etsy). This is a crappy scan - it looks very coral, when the color is really a bright happy pumpkin. I am getting about 18st / 2", so I will knit them on #0 needles like the mermaids. I am making up the provisional cast on right now.

This weekend is Faire, so I will try to post again on Tuesday. Unless I don't come back. The way work is going, that is looking like a better option every minute. I would need to come in and sneak Fishy IV out.

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