Friday, January 05, 2007

It has been a long 3 days of review, but finally I learned something new in math last night! Hopefully my book will come in on Monday so I can do my homework for next week.

This is what I did in class on Wednesday:

Last night I worked all the way to the heel and made all the decreases. At this rate I will have all my sock yarn knit up by week 3. Perhaps I should switch to mittens. I sure needed some last night when I left class and walked to my car in the pouring drizzle. However, I like drizzle so was happy. Damp but happy.

The yarn pictured is the Purple Earth colorway by Claudia Handpainted, purchased from the lovely Sheri at The Loopy Ewe. (Ewe go, girl) I am knitting on #1 needles, as is my wont.

I have dusted off the Adamas shawl and have added another half a repeat this week. Slowly but surely it will get finished! Tonight is open spinning at the studio - I plan on plying the silver / purple BFL fingeringweight singles (destined to be a round shawl) and then spinning up the rest of the Sea Oyster Ingeo (destined to be a summer tank top) if there is time. Tomorrow is the party at Knit N Stitch and I can finish it then. Or Sunday.

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