Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So. Freaking. Happy. The laptop is here and I am at the Coffee Depot not-studying (although I did buy a coffee). A giant, enormous, huge, bear hug of a thank you to Randy and Mandy. Now begins my "where are all the wifi connections in Riverside" hunt. And, hopefully, some WOW to make me even less social than I am now.

Knitted the foot of a sock in class tonight - now I have two feet and no legs or cuffs. The shawl has again been relegated to "I'm too tired" status. Poor thing.

Big plans? AZ to visit the cousins and grandma before mid-Feb, Riverspinners meeting this weekend, Dickens in early Feb, yoga all the time. I tweaked something in my neck - may have to soak tonight.

Off to do some algebra and dream of knitblogs....

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