Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not Dead Yet. I have been working away on a bunch of things - including trips to LA for work, which cuts into my internet and blog-updating time. Last night I finally wound off the silver - purple BFL fingering weight handspun and it made a 500 yd skein. It is destined to be a circular shawl with a silver center and darkening rings of purple. You are probably all sick of hearing about it.

I started spinning up some hand painted corriedale (my own) that is gold, teal, sapphire, and burgundy. There are some white bits inside that lighten the colors. I split 11oz of roving into 4 balls and will ply each bobbin full upon itself (my kingdom for a ball winder) so they will all be related.

Finished the Purple Midnght socks - would have worn them today but I have to weave the ends in still and I was already 10 minutes late leaving for work. Tomorrow. Measured M for the Purple Earth socks and that will be my math class knitting this week.

Going to visit Grandma on Feb 10th - I need to get moving on her mittens. They are still in an unspun state. Aunt K needs bobby socks in July - at the rate I am going I had better start those now too.

I think I am socked out. Maybe I will start spinning for the Jasmine sweater. It is the "knit and spin from my stash" year after all.

Sorry about the utter lack of pictures.

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