Thursday, February 01, 2007

I spoke too soon. My cow-orker's cold from last week made its way over to me and I was felled, I say, felled by it Tuesday and Wednesday. No school, no yoga, no spinning, almost no knitting, could barely watch tv. I did a lot of sleeping and snuffling. And laundry. And pushing the cats off of me while I slept. The dogs were happy to have me home. Back to work today and in desperate need of a nap. And some soup.

I did get a few rows in on the Adamas shawl. I have reached the point of being worried about the amount of yarn remaining. I *think* I can get in one more pattern repeat before beginning the edging. I will put in a lifeline at the end of this repeat in case I have to rip back. I hope not.

I have only the ribbing left on Mandy's socks, and it is going slowly. Man, I hate ribbing. Then I need to look up a way to do entrelac in the round for the peppermint socks, and I will be nigh out of sock yarn. I have one skein in reserve, but am not sure I want socks out of it. It might be a pet skein. I need to get spinning and make my own sock yarn. This is spin from my stash year, after all. I also need to get moving on my grey sweater and the Christmas mittens.

I want desperately to start the wool blanket, but have been too wiped to do my weft calculations and measure my warp, much less warp the loom. Perhaps this weekend. I have been reading my weaving books for motivation and guidance. Now I don't know if I am eager to start or frightened I will "mess it up". I don't want to make swatches forever.

I finished the grey-purple BFL and found I do not have the yardage I need to make the shawl I wanted it for. So I need to find a 500 yd pattern for a circular shawl and then spin 1200 yds for the Rona shawl.

OK, I am just muttering now. Must go snooze in the car.

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