Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Now that I am going to ASCH, I am bouncing around with excitement. I have my book on tape ("Carry on, Jeeves") ready, the wheel is in the car, I am going to pick up roving tonight, I washed my sheep sweater, my yoga mat and new Spin Off are in the car, and I have been doing laundry all week.

I need to get a camera (disposable I suppose), put gas in the car, empty the car of crap (those who know me understand), and turn in my debit card to Mandy for safekeeping. I am, afterall, still on fiber restriction and the Compact.

I finished the Delft socks in math on Tuesday and worked in the ends at Knit N Stitch last night, just in time to wear them to yoga. I really like the crazy ways the yarn pooled and I am generally quite pleased. I started sock #2 of the Trekking ProNatura "Browns", and will probably finish the foot tonight in math. Maybe I will even start the the heel. I have sock #1 on hold until I get to the same place in the leg, as I want to use up every inch of the yarn (by working from both ends to the middle). I am feeling the urge to block the Adamas shawl tonight to wear this weekend (NOT over the sheepy sweater), and to get the rest of the yarn spun up to finsish the grey sweater. The sleeves have been crying out piteously from their shelf.

... is going well. I have started helping a little behind the desk and that makes me feel good. Also, I get to know more people that way! I plan on doing at least a short form of Ashtanga at 9am on Sunday so I will still be practicing with the group - just from far away. Last night Lama Tsony gave a talk and we had a short meditation and chanting, and it was amazing. So much more fun than I imagined. It gave me a LOT to think about, and now I am really eager to go to a meditation retreat, where before I thought it was a little wierd.

I went home at lunch and folded laundry. 'Nuff said.

Trying to finish "Beethoven's Hair". It is a bit boring. And yes, it IS about Beethoven's hair. Go figure.

That's about all for now!

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