Monday, March 26, 2007

Who Woulda Thunk?

I have returned from the ASCH conference in Visalia, and a good time was had. I drove thru the desert there and back, and got to see the sun rise on Saturday and set on Sunday. The joshua trees were blooming (joshua trees bloom?) and the swallows were nesting in overpasses (not just in San Juan Capistrano anymore, I guess). I saw 3 golden eagles (one nesting) and a red tailed hawk, redwinged blackbirds and something I think was a grackle. Woo!

I borrowed the audio book "Carry on Jeeves" for the journey and it was a laugh-riot. Just the thing I needed after another rough day at work (Friday). Armed with coffee, banana, and chili cheese Fritos, I had a pleasant drive up to Visalia and arrived about 10 am. I plopped myself down at the Dizzy Ewe booth with my spinning wheel and generally made myself at home.

I chatted up fiber folks, I sold fiber, I chatted up the Spindlicity Cruise, and I tried very hard to resist buying fiber. I am on restriction, you know. I saw lots of people I know and adore, and was generally at my ease for two whole days. I spun 2oz of ingeo on Saturday - it is the 2nd half of the batch I was working on back in December. I have another oz on the bobbin and one left to spin and then that 8oz will be DONE. I also finished plying the "Tide Pool" sock yarn and need to get pictures. I remember the days when I could not spin 2oz in a week, much less in 5 hours.

I did cave and buy some weaving equipment from the nice folks who built my loom (northwest looms) some warping pegs and a stick shuttle. It will be easier to weave thru my stash if I have the proper tools. The next project is a blanket / rug and my boat shuttle is just not up to the task. I managed to resist their gorgeous niddy noddies (I have a small already, but he had large there this time).

The drive home Sunday was just as fine - although I was tired and it got dark around Mojave. No traffic, no idiots, just me and a very large cup of iced tea.

Tonight is dedicated to going to dinner and then directly to bed.

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