Friday, March 02, 2007

Another week behind me. I managed to make it to class both days, to knitting one day, to yoga 3 times, and weaselled out of the company staff meeting. As long as I can get the rent paid, I am golden. Got a little cleaning done last night, did a little laundry (not enough, as I had a lack-of-pants-emergency this morning), and watched "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom.

I really need to get out of my day job. It's me and Fishy IV against the world.

Made only a small amount of progress on the first Delft sock last night - got thru the last inch of leg and into the ribbing. Then I had to pay attention to the lesson. It did not make me happy.

Tonight is open spinning and I will work on (finish????) the sock yarn. Then yoga in the morning, soap in the afternoon, and the Oxnard Festival of the Whales all day on Sunday.

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