Friday, April 13, 2007

Back just in time for the weekend. Such a busy week at work, no time to blog. I should hang out at the library more! I have some upcoming events to announce:
  • The Riverspinners are going to The Huntington Musuem and Gardens for our April meeting. I am hoping to have some activities for us to enjoy; we'll see how today goes. I am excited to see the new Chinese Garden, which I understand is at least partially open now. I also like to visit the koi and turtles and check out the herb garden. I am going to bring a drop spindle and generally soak up the day. We are meeting at the studio at 8:45 - 9am on Saturday if you are interested.

  • The Soap Plantation will be at The Citrus Heritage Celebration on April 21st, with soap and wool to spare. We will have soap kits, ready made soap, lotion, body wash, handdyed roving and yarn, a spinning demo (that's me) and drop spindle kits if I get a move on and make up some spindles.
OK, I guess it was just two announcements. But good ones! I saw this today and got a little dizzy. Or maybe it was loopy? I am so happy for Sheri's success. Anybody out there in the Loopy Sock Club? I can hardly wait for people to start getting their packages for the first installment (early May, I understand)

Knitting Content: The brown ProNaura socks just need to be cast off and then they will be done. Perhaps I will wear them to the Huntington. I have been chipping away at the peppermint socks....

And progress is slow but steady on sock #1. Each block takes about 5 minutes, and I can stand to do 3-5 blocks at a sitting. At this rate, they will be done in time for Christmas / Yule.

I am itching to start a new sweater, but need to finish the gray one first. The cat has been playing with it the last 2 nights - I think this is a warning to knit or get off the pot.

I have finished a good bit of spinning lately, the McKenzie yarn (destined to be hats for Scotland)(they will have to share), and a lot of just white Merino / Tencel blend which is destined for the dyepot. It is amzing how much those Majacraft bobbins hold!

I finally finished "Howl's Moving Castle" last night - after 4 tries. I have decided that 9:30 at night might be too late to start a 2 hour movie, as I conk out half way through. The movie list for this weekend? "Second Sight" (the PBS Mystery! series) with Clive Owen and "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" with Clive Owen and Johnathan Rhys-Meyers. I am turning off the phone until further notice :)

I have also been chipping away at the housework - it is starting to look better and I love having more space. Last night I put out the last of the recycling on the curb for pickup. I bring home all the recycling from work for pickup at home, and sometimes it gets pretty stacked up. The dog has been sleeping in her kennel, and the winter blankets have been relegated to the very very top shelf of the linen cabinet, instead of a heap on the chair. Life is good.

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Polly said...

Hi, Lisa! Where did you get that marvelous pattern for your peppermint socks? They look like lots of fun. I have some red, green and white hand dyed Christmas yarn that would be fun to knit up like yours.

You must feel good getting all that done. Wish I could get motivated! LOL - Polly