Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekends are for relaxing... or so I am told.

First - the knitting progress:
The first Regia sock is done and fits fine. I folded the top over so it would fit on the scanner :) It is not nearly as tall when it is on my foot / leg. I think my homework for this week is to make a pair of sock blockers for photo purposes. Sock 1 was finished at an impromptu knitting night on Friday. It was nice, we sat outside, I had a good coffee drink (that was free because they made it wrong the first time)(and they threw out the first one before I could stop them wasting it), and I finished one sock and began its mate. The fabric is really soft and snug. The ribbing is 3x3, which I don't usually use, but I think my legs have gotten thinner, and I haven't gotten around to measuring them lately, so I said "all ribbing, all the time" so that they will stick to my legs instead of puddle around my ankles in stockinette. The next socks (as yet unplanned, sock yarn as yet unspun) will be some sort of solid or mostly solid with a lace pattern. Or maybe I will finally tackle the mystery of fair isle. Do not speak to me of the peppermint socks. They are not abandoned. They are aging. Like 12 year old whisky.
That was really it for major knitting. Saturday I went to yoga in the morning, work in the afternoon, and then the rest of the day was just shot. I watched some tv, I tried to knit, I thought about spinning. I watched Mission Impossible: III and Waking Ned Devine this weekend. MI:III was alright, and WND was funny and sweet as always.
Sunday I missed yoga due to a laundry emergency. When will I figure out all the different parts of an outfit that have to be worn each day, and put them ALL in the dryer at the same time? Then I went to M's, dangled my feet in the pool, knitted sock 2, found out that bamboo needles float, made soap - lots of soap - and dyed some yarn. It needs to be rinsed today. I am quite pleased with it. Came home in the afternoon, did some more laundry, tidied in the kitchen, tidied in the backyard (in the vain hope that the neighbors would be gone for one stinking day in the last 5 years so I could sit out there peacefully), tidied in the front yard, and made some dinner. whew! It was a lot of tidying, but it felt good to make some more progress. Took Dozer for a walk in the evening and got myself a root beer float as a reward. Did a little more spinning while waiting for the laundry, watched some Monty Python, and made it to bed at a reasonable hour.
I made it to yoga by .... 6 a m this morning. Oh my gosh. So early. There was no one there, so I knitted a while, left about 6:30 to get some gas, drove to work, cleaned Fishy IV's tank, and will have to get to work in about one second. I figured there was no point in going back to sleep for an hour. Today I have to take this proposal to UCLA and swing by Santa Monica, and then it is yoga and massage night. I am a happy girl.

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