Friday, January 16, 2009

Communing With Nature

A good morning. Dozer and I had a nice walk up the mountain this weekend. And by "up", I mean that we made it about halfway and then had a nice long sit down in the sun. I startled a rabbit, we saw lizards and hawks, got buzzed by hummingbirds and inspected by sparrows. I go sight-seeing and he goes sniff-smelling. I end up seeing more interesting things when I am waiting for him to finish smelling things than when I am walking and looking. Go figure. I should have gotten a picture of him grazing on the new grass... he was truly a "sheep dog" today. It is also good for my self esteem when he chooses to lay next to me instead of trotting at the end of his 15 ft lead. But I also like it when he is confident enough to wander off.

The info about the dairy was in one of the Hawai'i guide books at the condo. You know how words like "goat" and "yarn" jump right out at me. That same day we also went to the winery and to the Maui Cattle Co for lunch. mmmm.

I am thinking of going to see a bargain show of "Quantum of Solace" before it leaves the big screen, and also of spending more time at the local dive bar. It is cheaper to stay home, but maybe if I do something with my face and wear a cute shirt someone will buy me a beer. Some days I really miss being in a relationship and then I come to my senses. Maybe when everything is done off of the knitting "to do" list.

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