Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eye Candy Wednesday

The halloween socks are done! Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the colorway "African Grey". Which is, of course, a myster becasue african greys are grey and red birds. I still love the colorway with the black, orange, pink and purple stripes. Very sunset-ty.The Fair Isle mittens I made in December. They actually match the hat I made the week before, which was absent at photo-shoot time. They are nice and cuddly, but it has been far, far too warm to wear them since they were completed. The yarn came from the stash, it was bought with a gift certificate *and* was 70% off, and there is plenty left for matching socks. The gray yarn really looks blue now that they are done.Here is the fancy pants little crow basket that I received for a holiday present from my aunt and uncle in Washington. Not pictured are the cookies that came with it :) This is the third year running I have received a gift with a crow and stars and I must say I truly love all of them.
Here is the 9 patch quilt with white sashing that I have been working off and on this year. When it is done it will be 6 squares by 9 squares. I have run out of white, so it is on hold for the time being.
So I have been keeping busy as you can see. I finished the second third of That Scottish Shawl last night and picked up the stitches for the other side. It was a little challenging but I am well on my way now. I read ahead to the instructions for the knitted on border and started to get a cramp, so I will leave that until the time is right. I have been knitting-monogamous to that project and I have learned two things: if you knit it, it will grow; and geez, these things take a long time!


Acorn to Oak said...

Hi'ya! You've been busy! I love all your creations...especially the mittens. They're cute and look warm and toasty!

Pickyknitter said...

acorn: thanks! they are so warm that they are keeping all of socal in the 80s these days