Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movin' Right Along

This is the second day running that Dozer and I have gone up Mt. Rubidoux. We have been moseying and enjoying ourselves, and today I sat on a comfy rock and just stared at nothing. It is super windy again today, but warm instead of the icy chill of yesterday. It was so nice to hear nothing but the wind rushing through the trees and various windchimes. Voices, car noise, everything was whipped away.

Not much knitting, but I did get out the sewing machine and work on quilt piecing last night while listening to weekend shows on NPR. I need to suck it up and go get more of the sashing material so I can finish it, which should only take a couple evenings' work. I also need to finish hand-quilting the little quilt before it gets any warmer at night!

I think I will spend some time later today raking the 800,000 leaves in the backyard. It would be nice to sit out there with the dogs and the bun and the sun. I have a simple life these days and don't wish for anything more. Yesterday's big accomplishment was making bread and having ice cream with raspberry preserves (highly recommended, by the way).

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