Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Swear

I finally drew the short (?) straw and am on a jury. It goes a lot slower than "Law & Order", let me tell you. But the coffee is hot, sweet and free and the lunch break was long enough to let me go home and open a package of holiday cookies that came in the mail today *yum* and take Dozer dog for walkies. And who doesn't love $15 / day?

I brought my smallest, dullest nonmetallic tatting shuttle and worked on a bit of lace edging I have been chipping away at over the year. I am calling it done; it can be fudged into a circle (and I ran out of bobbin thread). The last time I picked it up, I realized I had forgotten what I was doing, but when I dragged it out last night I cracked open some tatting books and finally remembered how to handle the ball and shuttle method *whew* I also brought my current book, Gargantua and Pantagruel by Rabelais. It is not a great choice for light reading in fits and starts. Tomorrow is all about the late start. I think I will be able to squeeze in 10 minutes to tell the quilting ladies that I can't attend. It stinks, because we were going to finish up the last bit of Christie's quilt and take it off the bars. I was going to get pictures! Oh well, I will ask them to deliver it to Julia so we can put the binding on. Maybe I will even leave them the camera.

PBS has been running episodes of a show on Appalachians (sp?) and I recommend it to everyone. I stopped for the music and stayed for the people, the history and the life. And more music. Maybe this weekend I will work on getting the turntable up and going and paw thru the Bill Monroe records I got from Grandpa's collection.

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