Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fiber, Fiber Everywhere

... and a wheel to spin it! I am happily vendor-ing here at the Association of Southern CA Handweavers convention (link on sidebar). There are lovely things to buy, beautiful clothing items from the fashion show, a gallery full of inspiring art items, and classes, classes, classes.
I have soap for smelling

And fiber for fondling
I will work on getting pictures of the new colorways up here on the blog today. Just drop me a comment if there is anythting that tickles your fancy!

1 comment:

Umma said...

Do you make bubble baths by any chance? I'm in the market for something for Caleb since our current favorite (Burt's Bees) was bought by The Clorox Company???! Bugger.

Also, can you recommend a soap that works well for combination skin? It's about time I make this switch.