Monday, March 02, 2009

Wolf? What Wolf? Door? What Door?

Howdy all! It has been another fine day in paradise. More or less. I had some good news (check came in!) some bad news (it's the last one!) some good news (there is money in savings to live on!) some bad news (my COBRA is going up!) some good news (I have an interview tomorrow!) and some mediocre news (it is in commission based sales!). I plan on spending the rest of my life on hold with the EDD to find out why my claim is suddenly toast. At the end of the day, disaster has been averted but I will be hustling my buns a little more. On Oreo! On Olive!

Come Smell Soap!
For your soap perusing pleasure, I keep a list of our upcoming events / shows / craft fairs running in the sidebar under "Come Smell Soap!" and I certainly invite one and all to come by and sniff around. The soap. Of course. I will do a little twiddling this evening to make sure everything is up to date. As we add them, I will also start listing our soap and fiber "outlets" in case you can't see us in person. The more, the merrier! Coming up in the near future are: the Riverside Arts Walk this Thursday, the ASCH conference this weekend (although exact details of my participation are still under construction), and KnitNight at Knit N Stitch on Friday. Need a special delivery? Send me an email or a comment and we can chat.

Honest to goodness knitting progress was made on an actual sock last night. I really needed some plain ol' stockinette in-the-round knitting last night, and this particular pair of socks has been on the needles (OTN) for .... a while now. I would like to have them done in time for A/C season here in the southland. However, I had to do some stash tossing in order to find said socks, and was impressed by the amount of yarn that I forgot I had. And knitting needles. And fiber. And a cross stitch pattern, just to mix it up. Which is a segue to.....

Destashing Alert!
I will be having a "stash liquidation" sale in the coming days. I expect there will be books, yarn, patterns, cross stitch kits, drop spindles, fleece, prepared wool and the odd spinning wheel in the offerings. All items will be in new (yarn, fiber) or gently used (spindles, tools) condition.

Well, duckies, I think that is all the knews that is fit to knit. Toodles!

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