Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday (is it Tuesday?)

First, a pic for the fine folks visiting from "Desked"... a niddy noddy in action:When the yarn comes off it is in a circle and then I twist it into a skein (seen in the desk picture). You can just see the spinning wheel base and the ball winder at the top there. Yarn requires many a gadget.

Next, a pic of the stray cat that needs a home. Here she is reclining on the neighbor's a/c unit. Anybody need a cat? The inn is full at my house.

For Melissa: it is not sunny here all the time. We had fog this weekend! And I thought I was just bleary eyed. The next day we even had rain squalls in the morning. You can see my 7 lane street there... I have a persistent mild fear of someone crashing their car through the kitchen wall.
Another rose has made an appearance in the garden. I actually have quite a few now and am on the lookout for ladybugs to eat the aphids. The lettuces and spinaches are ready for harvesting, the carrots, corn, watermelons, cantalopes and swiss chard are taking their sweet time.
And a scary sight - Devil Kitties. I wonder if I should submit this pic to LOLcats?


Melissa said...

Oh no, not fog! How terrible for you.

I can see why you worry about cars crashing in, it looks fairly straight though so it would take someone pretty incompetent/drunk to get to you. If it were a corner you'd probably have had multiple visitors.

"All your kitteh treats are belong to us."

Acorn to Oak said...

What a great pic of your kitties! :-)