Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Tuesday! Except for being at work, today has been a great day. Got up on time (well, mostly), made it to yoga by 6:15, the studio was open and I didn't chicken out. It was really wierd practicing on my own - I felt like everyone was going to laugh and point if I did a pose funny or did them in the wrong order. Fortunately, neither of those things occurred. I missed a couple poses and rushed some that I don't like very much, but did the whole first series and still made it to work on time. Early, even!! I will have to overcome the "I don't want to be here, I really want to go back to bed" syndrome, but I really DO want to be there and it will pay off.

I knitted a little on the 2nd Regia sock at lunch today, and have discovered I am bored with stockinette knitted in the round. I am also bored with ribbing. I see a lace shawl in my very near future.

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