Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Asleep on my Feet.

Hi Everybody, I am back from Lambtown and still recovering. After a trip to the auto shop to have the car checked out (while I knit the foot of the second Gray sock), I drove up Friday, listening to a new book on tape on the way ("The Sunday Philosopher's Club" by the author of the "Ladies' No 1 Detective Agency" series). My first sheep sighting was at 6:09pm, so I knew I was finally getting close. I located the park and scoped out my location, knowing that I wanted to get in early, get set up fast (and first), and get out for breakfast before the show opened.

Saturday morning at 5:55am I was unloading the car and setting up the booth. I had a nice spot, got out to IHOP for breakfast and more knitting by 6:45, and came back well before we opened at 9. It had all the makings of a great show: the sun was out, Carolina Homespun was my neighbor, Gail from the limeade booth kept me in limeade and lamb taco salad all day, I met lots of great people and was happy to see several folks who have come by every year. About 6 I started putting everything away and loading the car right back up. I stopped to visit with some friends who own Fanfare Farms and The Loom Room, and then went back to the hotel to collapse. It had been a hot, sunny, and busy day.

Sunday I packed up and headed off to Courtland to see the Pear Fair. I only got a little bit lost. The Fair was fun: two soap vendors to examine, fruit butters to sample, music to listen to, pear-aphernalia of all types, and an exhibit of old photos of life in the Sacramento Delta and tools used (and still used) to harvest, sort, pack, and package pears. Then (as I had soap melting in the car) it was back on the road and another book on tape to entertain me. With the help of a blended cinnamon dolce latte, I made it home right around 9.

Miles driven: 988
Socks knit: 1/2
Sheep spotted: Jacobs*

Tonight's big adventure is a trip to see "The Simpsons" movie with a friend. I hope I stay awake!

Mr. Fixit is back in town and I was quite pleased to see him yesterday. We have plans to watch "Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift" this weekend... the plot may be thin, but the cars are very shiny.

*it's a sheep and wool joke.

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