Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Yarn is in the Mail

My Yarn Pirate Sock Club box is out the door and is winging its way to me as I speak. I am very excited. I wonder if I am required to keep the bird on my shoulder when I am knitting with YP yarn? I am drawing the line at the peg leg, though. Awaiting new yarn is an excellent motivator for finishing the second "Angelfish" sock. Although I realized that I am already on the 5th fishtail repeat and have forgotten how many I need to match sock 1.

Luckily I brought the yarn for the second "Watermelon Tourmaline" sock and the ball of grey yarn to restart the Italy socks (yes, they did take a dip in the frog pond) to work today. The grey/Italy socks were just not working up like I wanted, so I swatched on bigger needles and I think size 2 (not size 1) DPNs are the way to go. I was concerned I would not have enough yarn to make a pair, and the bigger needles should make it go further. Further, I have re-evaluated having the lace on the instep and think I will put it on the leg only.

7/17 SOS tally: Wild Honey (pair) - done. Watermelon Tourmaline (single) - done. Angelfish (pair) - only final repeat and cuff to go on sock 2, done tonight. Grey/Italy - starting over from scratch.

Soap news: Lambtown is racing towards us and the soap re-stocking has begun. Last night we made 4 batches of soap and I think there are another half dozen waiting in the wings. I made a list of specialty soap to make, and we will be making new and exciting lotion too. Closer to home, we have posted the summer soap class schedule on The Soap Plantation site, and you can still find us every Thursday at Downtown Market Night.

My plans for tonight involve finishing the Angelfish socks and going to the San Diego Zoo, which stays open until 10pm these days for Nighttime Zoo. Getting home at 11:30 seems so early, compared to the bedime hours I have been keeping lately.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, you do not need the bird but will still have to wear the eye patch. Aaaarrrrgh, yaaarrrrn matey!

scott h