Thursday, July 05, 2007

So Close! Yes, there has been knitting! No, there are still no pictures! I am about 12 rows short of finishing the second "Wild Honey" sock, and then I just have to sew down the hems (they have a picot top). Knitting went speedily when I had a chance to sit and do it on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

I think I will cast on a new pair tonight at Market Night if things are slow (which, of course, I hope they are not), and get the toe done. Which colorway, you ask? I don't know yet. It might be about the right time for "Watermelon Tourmaline" from Stonebarn Fibers (courtesy of the Loopy Ewe, who else??). We will see what ball of yarn floats to the top of the sock yarn bag.

Progress on the gray socks is still slow - I managed a quarter of a round in the drive-thru this afternoon. I am severely worried I will not have enough yarn for 2 regular height socks. I suppose I will just have 2 medium height socks. Or they will go into the frog pond and become a scarf. It will not be torture to knit this yarn over and over, as it is so soft and lofty.

Things with Mr. Fixit are going well, but my knitting time has been severely curtailed (and don't even ask about WoW or Netflix or keeping up with SOS blogs. Way behind on all counts). He leaves for vacation this weekend (wah), but it means that knitting will regain its #1 priority. How many knits would a knitter knit if a knitter could knit knits?

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Scott H said...

How many knits would a knitter knit if a knitter could knit knits?

Depends on the size of the needle. :-)