Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bad, Bad, Naughty Zoot

Gray sock #2 is grounded. I was happily knitting lace and watching "Law & Order" last night, when I suddenly and without warning had too many stitches. Or maybe it was too few. There is a very unattractive blob of a lacy diamond on them though, and it is going to have to come out. I dislike ripping lace (doesn't everyone?), so it stayed home today.

My lunchtime knitting was the Painted Desert socks. I finished the toe and pick up the provisional stitches on #1 and cast on for #2. I am halfway through the toe of that one. I am going to knit them at the same time (2 sets of DPNs, separate balls of yarn) so that they do not go the way of the Watermelon Tourmaline sock. It would be tragic if this became the SOSS - Summer of Second Socks - when I have not had a problem with second socks in the last couple years.

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