Friday, August 03, 2007

Stupid Day Job

I have finished the toes and am working up the feet of both Painted Desert socks. They are a smidge big, but I am not ripping them out to decrease by 4 measly stitches (1/2"). I am thinking ahead to my "cuff treatment" and am thinking about using the picot edge again. As for the actual knitting, I am watching it closely becase I love, love, love, love this colorway. It is burgundy, gold, electric blue, and shades thereof. The yarn is from Stone Barn Fibers and is the "painted desert" colorway. Pictures soon.

My homework for tonight (besides laundry, dishes and catbox*) is to look up the Spin Off article by Sara Lamb on spinning a silk warp. I have visions of silk/alpaca scarves for holiday gifts.

*And as for the cat, he got stuck in the garage again. I rescued him last night (he gets in and can't get back out the same gap), he came inside and wolfed some cat kibble, and then tried to run outside again. What a nut.

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