Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trigger Happy

You would think, that if I were bored all day at work, that I would be spending my doodle time constructing a fascinating, intelligent, amusing blog post with details, pictures, and links for all to enjoy. But you would be wrong! Instead I click on the same 5 blogs all day, hoping for an update on other peoples' knitting progress. Sigh.

The gray socks are DONE. I just need to get the ends woven in, pictures taken and uploaded to the blog and flickr, and the SOS post made to add them to my entries for the "most socks" contest. I am quite pleased with the way they turned out. After all my worrying that I would be short, I find that I have plenty of yarn left for a cell phone cozy or two.

The socks in the Painted Desert colorway are moving along nicely. Both heels are done, the leg pattern has been chosen, and I have over and inch of leg done on sock #1 already. I had to decrease to make the pattern come out right, and am getting some color pooling, but I am going to run with it. I really like the pattern I picked (chevron & feather) and will love them no matter how they came out.

I swatched some yarn from Sweet Georgia in the "Saffron" colorway yestrday. I thought it was time for fluffy yarn on #2 needles (= almost instant gratification) . I cast on this morning and had a toe done before I got up. I have had this yarn marinating in the stash, and find now that it is almost a perfect match for my Steelers sweatshirt which Mr. Fixit brought back from Pittsburgh. Hopefully the socks will be just as soft and snuggly.

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