Monday, August 13, 2007

Goats Goats Goats

A lovely weekend was had by all... although it is being rapidly forgotten under the pressure of hating my job. Saturday Mr. Fixit took me for a bike ride, we had a soap planning meeting (there is a Big Announcement coming soon), we had our RiverSpinners meeting and I made some progress on the "Painted Desert" socks, and afterward I splashed in the pool. Two words: pool noodles. Sunday Mr. Fixit and I went to visit his friends who keep goats - nubians and alpines and la manchas, oh my! They were adorable and entertaining, and a good time was had by all. Then it was back home to battle the ants and watch some "Sunset Tan". Monday morning came far too soon.

I made much knitting progress on each of the "Painted Desert" socks. I think tonight I will take the stitches off the needles (onto a safety line of some ilk) and try them on. The pattern pulls in more and is less stretchy than I anticipated. I am hoping that I can increase by 2 st inside each of the motifs to accomodate the above-ankle, below-calf section of my leg. I would like to get them done before the "Summer of Socks" is over! I have no plans for the "Fall of Finishing Projects", although that probably isn't a bad idea...

Today I managed to work the toe of the second "Saffron" sock... and realized I left my "365 knitting stitches" perpetual calendar at home. I know exactly what motif I want on them, I just have to turn to the correct page. They are a heavier yarn on #2 needles, so should knit up quick and easy.

I made an effort to put fun events and soap / fiber shows over in the sidebar, but I don't know that I have succeeded. I will keep fiddling with it to the best of my ability.

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