Friday, May 22, 2009

Happenings and happenstance

Tomorrow I will be joining my darling Denise at a rabbit show. Should be a good time. Then Sunday I have a demo and *hopefully* a kitten delivery. The garden is growing, the flowers are blooming and the kittens are 'wrassleing' as my grandpa would have said. Knitting is still intermittent, but we have been going to weaving class and progress is being made. I even took a workshop on tiny woven pouches that was great fun... and very saleable.

I love the nice comments and even the constructive ones. But for the mean ones, well, I am flattered that you take the time to follow my long absences. I will understand though, if you want to apply your energies elsewhere instead of wasting your time reading my boring blog, since it apparently annoys you no end. I suppose I should be flattered that you are not so busy in your own life that you can't take time to stop by here.

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