Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Knittin' and Kitten

Socks in progress... 'Skye Blues' ankle socks. Araucania yarn in colorway 6. 8st/inch on size 0 needles. My first time trying this yarn - it is 100% sugar cane fiber. Not very elastic, but super soft and shiny. It also has good drape and would be nice for a tank top.

The other socks (brown and pink) are done, picot hem sewn down and everything, but the camera is not cooperating. I might enter them in the next fair (LA county, I believe).

A very adventursome kitty. I looked over and he was very, very tall on the very top of the loom. They have also decided it is their job in life to un-thread the heddles. I will have to hurry and finish threading and tying on. Then they can just bounce on the fabric like a giant trampoline. I learned how to lace my warp to the front apron rod in class last week, so I think I will try that on the home project too.
The rabbit show was great fun, and a long day. I can hardly believe how many kinds of rabbits there are... little ones, big ones, skinny ones, fat ones. You know when the day is just about done when you look at the rabbits on the judging table and start thinking of rabbit pie. mmmmm pie.

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Acorn to Oak said...

I love that sugar cane yarn! It's gorgeous!!!