Friday, May 08, 2009


I was going to post but then I checked the comments.


Anonymous said...

Dear Smithie,
That comment wasn't from me. However, why someone who graduated from Smith seems to be so completely off track does lead me to ponder a bit. Of course, I've come to what I feel are some fairly logical conclusions, but I do wish I knew the truth. Blogland might even be of some actual help.
My guess is that many of your behaviors have been around quite awhile, so your friends have sort of "had it", though they will never tell you. It's become your "MO". But, since you're new to us, if you can avoid being too hurt by the occasional brusqueness of a comment, you might take away some truths, or at least some food for thought. I appreciate that you are a kind, intelligent person and share my love and concern for animals.

woollyknotfarm said...

Wow, too bad anonymous is too chickensh** to post with their real identity. It figures!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Not distracted, dead?