Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to Sow

Well, the first kitten went to her new home today. She is missed, but the others are being so rambunctious I don't have time to fret. Another is on the 'maybe' list. They have another photo shoot tomorrow, the lucky ducks.

Had a hard day today... don't know if the lack of ambition caused the badness or if the badness drained my ambition. Either way it sucked. I did manage to thread about a third of the ends on the big loom this afternoon before my back cried uncle, and I think I can finish that tomorrow. Yes I took my meds, yes I remembered to eat, yes I took headache pills and yes I cuddled kittens. But yet - feeling off.

My big planting plans are put off until the morning, but I have larkspur, catnip, jasmine and lavender to plant and feverfew and flax to sow. I also bought some dirt and received the first batch of composting worms, so the poor little plants might actually grow. I will have oregano transplants for giving away (and maybe basil too), but am looking for a comfrey plant if anyone knows where I can get one. It is a rabbit digestive. mmmm

I thought of a wonderful caption for the picture in the last post.... 'A Loom with a View' .

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Acorn to Oak said...

I hate those kind of days. I get them a lot on Mondays. Ugh! Sometimes it seems like all I can do is wait for another day. lol

Love that..."loom with a view"!