Thursday, March 18, 2010


My internet seems to be down; 'borrowing' an unsecured signal from the neighborhood. I pay for the service, I should get the service. Can't it go down while I am away from the house? Perhaps it did.

8pm and finally getting settled in for the night. Enchiladas cooking, catboxes cleaned, internet borked. I was thinking about watching a movie and doing some knitting, I guess that is being decided for me.

I hate to pay to rent the car for the 2 days of the weekend so that it can sit in the driveway, but can't think of a good place to go for a day trip sans doggies. Maybe the Huntington? The estimate on the car repairs is up to almost $2,000. I am sure glad I have insurance! And that I was not at fault; fingers crossed the other driver's insurance will cover my deductible.

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