Saturday, March 20, 2010


Happy Spring! Maybe tonight or tomorrow I will have a little ritual, but so far today has been quiet. Work in the morning, home by noon, a little nap, walk to get groceries, eat said groceries, now some blogging and WoW. Glad I don't have anywhere to be, as the Bad Neighbor has blocked in my car with a gorram moving truck.

The new parakeet (Echo) seems to be settling in well, but he and Skye are not all snuggly yet. Violet and Hamlet are still brooding eggs in the nestbox, but no baby cockatiels. Beaker is chatting up a storm; he can say 'BeakerBeakerBeaker', 'Beeeeeeakerrrrr', and has several whistles. We are working on 'WOW' and 'Good Morning'. Graham and Pretty Bird are their usual adorable selves - he does one trick, and that is to 'help' me with breakfast time by pushing the food dish out of its slot.

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