Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Ravel'd Sleeve of Care

Too tired to sleep. I hate that. *yawn* Nope, still awake. It is hard to sleep when the sun is out.

Stopped by the bird farm on the way home and picked up some treats for the flock. It turns out that I buy more stuff for them when I am hungry! Restocked the small hookbill mix and got a small bag each of peppers and pine nuts for the parrots to try. A bag of bermuda grass for the rabbits and cavies rounded out the shopping list. They had a very friendly DuCorps' Cockatoo for sale who wanted endless scratchies, and Beeper the Galah is still for sale, as is Clyde the white capped pionus (a cousin of Beaker the Maximillian's pionus). Clyde is just so beautiful. If I had a 'spare' $400 I would take him home.

Took Beaker outside to enjoy the fresh air on the porch this afternoon. The upside to flying like a potato is that you get outdoor privileges. He gave an apprehensive look at a rampaging balloon, but I promised to protect him. I've heard that running around on concrete works a charm for dulling sharp parrot toenails.

No knitting lately. No spinning or weaving either. I suppose I should see when Fair entries are due. Right after I evict the cats from the closet. It is amazing how small a gap in the door they can slide thru... even the tubby ones.

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