Monday, May 14, 2012

CB 6685

The most recent cockatiel babies were hatched back in February. Of a clutch of 2 I got one normal and one cinnamon pearl - so exciting!
Babies, appx 2 weeks old
Here the older chick is looking very self possessed.

CB6685 2 Apr 12
Today she (or he?) is out for some socialization on the playgym and on my shoulder. Wings are clipped now and s/he is quickly catching on to the idea that humans are not bad, not bad at all.
CB6685 14 May 12
S/He is looking for a new home. Because s/he is still so young (3 months) there is plenty of time to get bonded with a new family. S/he knows how to do "step ups" and loves to snuggle against my neck. So far, a very mellow bird that actually seems to observe and think before acting... imagine that.

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